Mixed-ability Team Programming

A Duoethnographic Study of a Mixed-Ability Team In a Collaborative Group Programming Project

A thumbnail indicating an overview of code version control by two programmers

As diversity efforts in computer science education strive to make programming more accessible, we take a step forward by exploring collaborative context. We present a duoethnography of a mixed-ability team collaborating in a group programming project. We (one sighted; one blind) immersed ourselves into a collaborative programming project using a popular social coding platform (i.e., GitHub) and triangulated our self-reflexivity through cross- checking reviews and interviews. By analyzing interaction logs on GitHub, code writing in integrated development environments, and interview notes, we show distinct approaches adopted by the sighted programmer and the programmer with visual impairments, tools and technologies used, and social implications of visual impairment. This research offers reflections on accommodations and technologies provided to support mixed-ability teams collaborating in a group programming project.